When it comes to business law, Bob Pearson has seen the full range—from helping owners with start-ups to helping them sell and transition to new owners or the next generation.

We’re committed to delivering what our clients need to be successful.

“I represent businesses and business owners in everything from the initiation of a business to financing, capitalization, operations, mergers, acquisitions and disposition and sale,” he says.

“The biggest accomplishment I have had professionally is the satisfied clients I have had over the years. I have seen their businesses grow and flourish and the owners pass those businesses down from generation to generation. I’m glad to have been a part of their success.”

Pearson’s work as an attorney also involves assisting business owners with estate planning. In addition, he practices extensively in commercial leasing and shopping-center transactions, representing owners, developers and retail tenants in a wide variety of matters during his career at Johnson, Killen & Seiler.

“We’ve always been known as an extremely hard-working law firm, putting forth whatever it takes to meet the clients’ needs,” Pearson says. “The clients’ needs may change month to month and year to year, but we’re extremely adaptable, and we have a real pool of talent here.”

He adds, “We’re committed to delivering what our clients need to be successful.”

Pearson’s community work includes serving as a director and president of the Duluth Airport Authority Board of Directors. He graduated egregia cum laude from St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN, and cum laude from the University of Minnesota School of Law. Being a proud native of the Iron Range, Bob maintains offices at Lake Vermilion-Tower as well as in Duluth.

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