Joe Roby recalls a case in which he represented a large company accused of discrimination. The company was the client. But he ultimately was representing the department manager who made the decision that became the focus of the lawsuit.

We help people who run businesses. They’re the ones who stay up all night worrying.

Roby remembers the look of relief on the manager’s face when the case was dismissed.

“I always felt that I was helping her,” Roby says. “We help people who run businesses. We represent the department manager, the supervisor, the people who make decisions. It’s their reputations on the line. They’re the ones who stay up all night worrying.”

Much of Roby’s work as an attorney specializing in employment and labor law involves staying in close contact with clients to help them navigate employment law issues before they become problems.

“A lot of my work is the 10- to 20-minute phone call with a client who says, ‘How do I handle this situation?’” Roby says. “We address it in a phone call, and they don’t get sued. We’re pretty good at that.”

Roby has been associated with Johnson, Killen & Seiler throughout his career as an attorney.

“We like to think that we have somebody who’s good at whatever legal issue you may have,” he says. “We also are in the customer service business. Nothing sits. We’re good at keeping our clients apprised and aware.”

Roby graduated with highest honors from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and received his law degree from William Mitchell College of Law.  He is certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association as a labor and employment law specialist. He has been named a Super Lawyer every year of the program’s existence.

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