Alok Vidyarthi’s connection to Johnson, Killen & Seiler goes back well before he became an attorney–even before he graduated from college.

Experience matters, and we have that at this firm.

“I spent a summer working in the mail room here,” he says. “I got exposed to the law firm culture and atmosphere.”

He liked what he saw—the same strengths of the firm that he sees now as a partner

“Being the size we are, as one of the largest law firms in Duluth, if someone has a problem or an issue or a question, an attorney at this firm most likely can help that person out,” Vidyarthi says.

Vidyarthi maintains a wide practice, with specialties in business law, corporate formations, acquisitions, real-estate law and probate.

“As a lawyer here, you are exposed to a variety of different legal areas,” he says. Success to him is seeing his clients’ goals achieved.

“It’s putting a complicated deal together and seeing it to completion—negotiated, closed and put to bed,” he says. “To smooth over issues and put the solution on paper is not easy, but it becomes easier the more you do it. Experience really matters, and we have that at this firm.”

Vidyarthi grew up in Duluth but was born in India. He credits being raised in a “bi-cultural environment” with one of his lifelong passions, travel.

“I will always have a passion for travel—seeing the world and how other people live,” he says.

Vidyarthi graduated cum laude from Carleton College and received his law degree from Northwestern University School of Law.

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